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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2030|08:10 pm]


just wanna keep sneaky people out.


i dont bite. (:
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2010|09:03 pm]
oh no, this space is forgotten.

too much stuff are clouding my vision and judgements.

oh wells, shall claim this space back soon.
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(no subject) [May. 27th, 2010|07:19 pm]
Best school day ever ytd. maybe cause i was in such a mighty good mood, i didnt bother scolding the kiddos. lawl. sprinted to school and was the last one through the gate. muahahaha yes, i made friends with the gate uncle again so that he'll keep a look out for me. teehee.

principal gave a dull dumb speech on the do's and dont's for the hols. seriously?! said that they'll meet bigger kids like sec sch ones at the playground so they have to be careful blahblahblah.

rushed off for 6Diamond's art prog! wooohooo and thanks to my thick skin of asking for extras, i managed to join in as well. teehee. we did indian block painting and im so going to buy another cloth to make a bag with it. so proud of myself that i waved it ard the staff room to haolian. (:

had 3 extra free periods cause some teachers decided that they couldnt bear to leave their class. (: took 6Ruby1 to the library and thank goodness ervin didnt come, or i swear my library session would be full of his swearing. 6Ruby2 started being nice and they sang Baby for me while i made them clean up the classroom. Awwww, so good to have a mini concert dedicated to you. i just sat on the teacher's desk and sang along. Ahhhh, the last day of school makes people happy.

Did some marking and tried to rush for the gate, to no avail. lawl, managed to beg uncle to gimme the lock's password anws and snuck out. yippee. :D

to golden landmark for toe thongs then to clarke quay for ade's beads. i swear the heat could have melted us. then zoomed off to UCC for STARS@W4 concert. gah, keming's malay dance kinda sucked. oh wells. we had like soopdoopz loads of fun laughing at them. and everytime she spotted like a fat one out of the grp, she'll excitedly point and say its me. just like how my friends always recognize me when i perform. haissss.

warren with louis today! swan and tanned and pigged. happyness. (:

going to stayover at gugu's place after dinner cause we're going cycling tmr! whoopee! love cycling, just that east coast is too far. hais.

yayness, bf is coming back in like 3 days i think. jb on wed and phuture/butter on sat. makes me smile just thinking of it. teehee.

hmmm, haven done anything for our 3rd year tmr. oh wells, see how much he misses me first i guess. spa sounds good?

okay dokes, time for dinner! (:
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2010|09:20 pm]

Insane to the Membrane;Collapse )


sorry if the entry is really incoherent. brain isnt functioning right now due to p4 kiddos' horrible problem sums presentations. gawd, back to marking now.
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(no subject) [May. 16th, 2010|08:56 pm]

Had the payment meetup for JubiFlea at starbucks which was megaboring cause annoying people tend to come at the last minute when you're going off for lunch or leaving. totally wtf. waited the whole day and they started streaming in when i was about to leave.

Met up with brudders for carl's junior's dinner. the beefy fries were yummy (: rmbed eating them once with BFF in the cinema and grossing her out with the chilli sauce on the tissue, saying it looked like a stained pad. LOL. good times.


The Happy Couple.


The bored lightbulb friends.




walked around a bit with toh while lau sent his darling off and deposit my stuff in his car. HAHA. they seriously took so long that we bet they had major makeout in the car. tsktsk.

FIRSTPAGE (PAGEONE) shopping after that and i realized they're really sweet bfs. (: they'll buy little thingeys for their girls and meticulously pick them out. hais, if only my dear lcb would do that. dont need any expensive stuff. just a little sth to tell me he misses me. ): oh wells.

got a lift home frm lau and his reckless driving was so scary. HAHA. nevertheless, thanks lau!

and this is what he did to his brudders:

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